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Byzantine and Islamic Coins For sale 

Coin Sale terms - To view any of the coins below, click on the smaller picture to reveal a larger image. To purchase any of the coins below please use the 'Buy this coin' link to the right of the description. When you have finished adding coins to your order you may use the 'Checkout' option above to pay for your order, either by credit card or other means. 

Postage is charged at 3% of the order value for UK customers and at 6% of the Order value for US/World customers. The postage cost is always for the most insured method of sending and will automatically be added to your order before you make payment. if you have any special requirements there is a space to write them in the Checkout area.


Please email me if you have any questions or contact me using the link below.

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Silver Silver dirhem of Abaqa Khan (1234-1282). No mint name (Tiflis).

Price £69

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Seljuks of Rum
 Copper Fals from Anatolia and dating from the 12th or 13th Century.

Price £14

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Silver dinar of Shayk Uways I (1356 -1374 AD).  (A2298.2) Weight 2gms. Diameter 18mm.

Price £16 SOLD

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Ayybids of Messopotamia
AE of Emir Al Asraf Musa (1210-20) 

Price £54

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AR Tankah of Sultan Ahmad (1382-1409).  Rare. 

Price £68

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Zangids of Mosul
AE 24 of Badr al-Din Lu'lu (1234-1259 AD) (M1131).  A scarce and attractive coin.

Price £65

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L4Hussaynad.jpg (145561 bytes)

Sultan Ahmed (1382-1409 AD)  Silver Tanga of Lahijan.

Price £58

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AE Fals circa 660's - 680's.

Price £18

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Justinian I (527-565) AE Decanummium of Antioch..  S237  AD 552-3

Price £18

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Justin II (565-578) AE 10 Nummi of Theopolis.  Year 10 574-5.  Obverse depicts Justin and Sophie.

Price £24 SOLD

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AE Follis of Constantine X (1059-1067).  Mint of Constantinople.

Price £15

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Billon fital of Ala-ud-Din Muhammed II of Khwarezun (1200-1220)

Price £14 SOLD

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Seljuks of Rum
Ae depicting horse and rider. Unidentified ruler, this coin dates from 12th-13th century.

Price £18 SOLD

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A4Chutu.jpg (172306 bytes)

Chutus of Banavasi
Lead unit of the Chutu Kingdom which was situated in the Deccan region of Southern India.during the 3rd and 4th centuries AD.

Price £22

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Silver Dirhem of Masud (1030-1040 AD -- 421-432 AH) A1621).  19mm diameter.

Price £28

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Malik of Kurzuwan
AE Direm produced as emergency money during the siege of Kurzuwan in 1221.  The town was under siege because the ruler had unwisely cheated and even more unwisely insulted, Genghis Khan.  The forces of Khan besieged the town for a few weeks and then massacred every man woman and child there, The ruins were abandoned to the wild dogs and its many ghosts.

Price £28 SOLD

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Mongols of Persia
The Mongol house of Hulagu was founded by Hulagu Khan (The grandson of Genghis Khan). This Dirham was issued by Arghun Ibn Abaga (1284-91) the 5th ruler of that dynasty.  Mint of Tabriz.

Price £55 SOLD

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AE of Hindu ruler Sangrama Deva (1003-1028)

Price £11 

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Half follis of Maurice Tiberius (582--602).  Mint of Theoupolis (Antioch).  Regnal year 4.  Blundered legend as usual.  S534 

Price £19 SOLD

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