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Hammered British Coins For sale - For Modern milled British coins, visit www.predecimal.com 

Coin Sale terms - To view any of the coins below, click on the smaller picture to reveal a larger image. To purchase any of the coins below please use the 'Buy this coin' link to the right of the description. When you have finished adding coins to your order you may use the 'Checkout' option above to pay for your order, either by credit card or other means. 

Postage is charged at 3% of the order value for UK customers and at 6% of the Order value for US/World customers. The postage cost is always for the most insured method of sending and will automatically be added to your order before you make payment. if you have any special requirements there is a space to write them in the Checkout area.


Please email me if you have any questions or contact me using the link below.

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thurrock.jpg (41226 bytes)

Early uninscribed Potin (Cast copper/tin alloy) unit. Thurrock type. S62

 Price £42

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Stater (5.97 gms) silver type (5.1 gms) dating from the late 1st century BC.  Obverse depicts a head and the reverse a disjointed horse.  A nice example.  S366.   2 small extra pellets by central crescent.

 Price: £135

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Z4Cnut.jpg (193151 bytes)

Cnut (Canute)
Short cross penny of Dover. .  Moneyer Eadwine. S1159.

 Price: £325 SOLD

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X3Confessor.jpg (139587 bytes)

Edward the Confessor
Hammer Cross penny of York.  Moneyer Arngrim. Nice portrait and a much sought after coin.

 Price: 525

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Richard I
(1189-1199)  Class 2 penny of London.   Moneyer Raul.   A little worn but a reasonable portrait.

 Price: £65

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T4John.jpg (167321 bytes)

(1199-1216)  5c short cross penny of Canterbury.  Simon.

 Price: £148

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T4IrishJohn.jpg (149805 bytes)

(1199-1216) Silver Irish penny of Dublin.  ROBERD ON DIVE.

 Price: £220

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Henry III
(1216-72)  Class 7b Short cross penny of Canterbury.  Moneyer JOANCHIC.

 Price: £56

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Henry III
(1216-72)  Class 7c Short cross penny of London.  Moneyer GIFFREI

 Price: £44

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X3Henry3.jpg (158621 bytes)

Henry III
(1216-72) 7b short cross penny of London.  Moneyer Adam.

Price £74

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K5.newcastle.jpg (168500 bytes)

Henry III
(1216-1272) IIIb Long cross penny of Newcastle. Moneyer Roger.

Price £68

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Edward I
(1272-1307) Class 4d penny of London.  Pellet before EDWR and CIVI.

Price: 25

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Continental imitation (Esterling)
Esterling of Duke John I of Brabant.  (1261- 1294) DUX/BRA/BAN/TIE.

Price: 78

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R4AngloGallic.jpg (174721 bytes)

Anglo Gallic
Denier au lion of Edward I. Elias 13c.

Price £125

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Scottish Penny
Penny of Alexander III (1249-1286) S5056.  Stars with 20 points.

Price £65

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G5EdwardYork.jpg (191909 bytes)

Edward III.
(1327-77) Edward III Pre Treaty groat of York.  Class E.  Interestingly, the reverse reads EBOIRACI instead of EBORACI, the extra I placed there in error instead of at the end of the following quarter.  Some scratches to face.

Price £165

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Edward III.
(1327-77) 4th coinage series G pre treaty penny of Durham.   S1599.

Price £42

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Edward The Black Prince
Hardi d'Argent of Bordeaux 1362-1372. S8134.  E202.

Price £72

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Henry V.
(1413-22)  Halfpenny of London.  Class F.  Annulet to left of hair and trefoil to right.  Withers type 10.  A pleasant portrait for such a tiny coin.

Price £110 SOLD

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G4Henry5.jpg (154313 bytes)

Henry V.
(1413-22)  Halfgroat of London.  Class C with broken annulet to left of crown and mullet in centre of breast.  S1773.  A very scarce coin with a better than average portrait.

Price £585

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